Face normals arent normals


I was wondering for long time why I am unable to use solidify and get good result. Now I found that all my normals are nearly parallel to Y axis so they are not really normal to faces. I could not get them right with recalculations. Any suggestion please?


Remove any faces that are inside your mesh
Remove doubles (W / remove doubles)
Recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)
In object mode try Ctrl+A / rotation and scale

Thank you for reply. So you think that I failed in creating mesh? Its possible I was doing it from vertices and first time but what type of failure is leading to this? No double vertices found. Recalculation didnt helped. If i rotate - scale it, normal vectors are the same. Could I have used wrong tools?

I deleted everything except 1 face of that mesh and I am having the same result. I am probably doing something wrong but not sure what. It looks like its defined for that object that normals will go one direction. But how this happened?

All you did is scale your object non uniform in object mode. Just press Ctrl+A in object mode and apply the scale, then recalculate the normals in edit mode.

To see what happened:
Create a cube. Go to edit mode, rotate it by 45° and turn on normals.
Go to object mode, scale the cube in object mode along one axis only by factor 2.
Enter edit more again. All normals are askew.

If you go to object mode again you´ll see that the scale is 1 for two axis and 2 for one axis.
Now apply the scale with ctrl+a. You´ll see that the object now has a uniform size of 1.

Now I got it. Thanks alot