Face not recognizing

Hello guys today I am posting this post to get the answer of the problem
I’ve met frequently …

(I am new comer here so I can't post more than 2 images per post I've uploaded 6 images to imgur link to help your understandings)

1.I was trying to make chairs with different methods

2.I made a chair using the boolean modifier

3.Unlike other chairs I made, I couldn’t add loop cuts to some of the faces

4.By some quick googling I realized that it is impossible to loop cut Ngons and
yes the faces of which I was trying to loop cut were Ngons !

5.Here comes the problem, to convert the Ngon faces to Quads I’ve extruded the vertices
and made quads but it doesn’t recognizes those extruded vertices and recognizes as Ngons

6.I could somehow find a solution to this, I’ve used the knife tool and it worked as intended
and kinda solved my problem but I want to know why and what should I do when I face that kind of situation (added vertices but not recognized) ? Because I have already experienced these several times (especially when I build models using vertice extrusion) but I could never find a proper solution. I tried to recalculate the normals, remove double (merge by distance) but none of them didn’t solve my issue…

This method will not split Ngons. Use the knife tool or select two vertices on an Ngon you want connected by an edge and press J (join).

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Wow Thank you for the fast answer !
Yes I understand I can use the knife tool to split up the Ngons to Quad
but in another cases for example, If I’ll build models (like human face ?)
starting with plan, vertices and edges (not faces and polygons) , I think I ll fall in the same trap
and in that case I ll not be able to use the knife tool like this time :frowning:

Ok I just tested and your answer is completely right
I just tried to build a model starting from a plan
Face made from extrusion of edges = loop cut worked !
Face made from extrusion of faces = loop cut worked !
Face made with extrusion of vertices = loop cut didn’t work …

So extrusion of vertices should be avoided if possible ?
or am I missing something

lol …
Face made with Duplicated vertices counts as a face and I can loop cut it
So in summary
1.I shouldn’t make face with vertices made of extrusion
2.Making Face with vertices should be avoided if possible
3.But If I have to make face with vertices, I should use Duplication instead of Extrusion

Am I right ?

The way I see it, whenever you create new faces inside an existing polygon, you use knife or join, when you create new faces outside, you select one of the edges (in edge select mode) and extrude:


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Aha thank you for the info !
I’ve encountered this issue frequently (especially when I started building from a plan)
and now I see what was the problem …
So from now on I should not extrude vertices then ! Thank you LordoftheFleas !

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