Face not Rendering Properly!

I’m working on this face, and I extruded inwards for the eyeholes. But when I render, it shows the eyeholes as flat surfaces, as if there are no holes at all… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I would guess that there are hidden faces that are showing up in the render. To unhide stuff, press alt + h.

No… that’s not working. Here’s the file for anyone willing to give it a look.


Steve-Detail.blend (514 KB)

you have some shape keys there and your eye extrusion is thus animated. and in the render it shows the version without the eyes. So edit your shape keys - teeth

Are you saying that my teeth shape key is binded to the eyes also?

Awesome, thank you. I appreciate it a lot, I really do. Problem solved, thanks for your time :slight_smile: