Face on my girl looks weird now_how do I fix_uploaded blender file

Not sure what I did but in the process of creating a bezier curve and circles so I could start to sculpt some hair this happened to the face Everything seems to be in the original XYZ position that it was in before I just don’t know what happened. I went back many undo steps and where it was looking good before it just doesn’t look the same now. if you could tell me what I did I’d appreciate it!

Sarah_1.blend (4.6 MB)

Your images are missing again. Also I moved the post to Support>>Modelling. If your post is a question, then it normally belongs in the Support category :slight_smile:

Sorry about that I didn’t format my post correctly and it looks like that the link to blender file I uploaded was intermixed with the rest of the text in my post. Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for moving my post to the correct selection of this forum. I’ll remember that in the future.