Face outline

Ok, I wanted to outline every face in a mesh, (wireframe) but still have object show solid. I am trying to do this with texturing, so I don’t have to duplicate my mesh or try to render twice and composite. I tried baking a wireframe (selected in Materials tab) render to UV, but for some reason it just fills the entire face. Any sugestions?

I suppose you could just save the uv layout, then apply that straight to your mesh without adding any texture to it. You know, (UvEditor, vertices selected) UVs->Scripts->Save UV Face Layout.

I had thought that there was a way of disabling the red dots placed at vertices, though I can’t seem to find any option at the present. I guess you could always select by colour in gimp or ps then change the red pixels to black, the same as the edges. Same goes for the backgournd colour, since it defaults to white.


What I do for that is make a square texture in an image processing program that is just a big white square edged in black.

If you apply that to your material using UV mapping, the default UV map before unwrapping places every face squarely over the square texture. Net effect is that each face is white, edged neatly in black.

You could also do the same - but place the black edged square as your second texture in the stack and use the multiply mode. That will black edge your wireframe but let the first image texture show through.


Here’s a blend file for you. The material is called “wireframer”