Face (Plus a monster on page 2)

I know, I know, “not very origional” but hey, it’s my first time and I waited far too long with making this… :stuck_out_tongue:

At first:
With lips and slightly impreved nose:
Improved nose and eyes:
My progress so far:
Thanks to www.imageshack.us for the image hosting and thanks to TorQ for his face modelling tutorial.

I will try severall things with the model when it’s done: learn about texuring, animating, making hair and using HMesss.
C&C most appreciated :smiley:

Don’t you think it’s enough with 1 topic for the same thing? :-?

Yup sorry, Firefox was doing some serious stupid things. The others are deleted.

Saw that! Nice pic btw!
It look like a kids face. It’s something wierd with his overlip though.

Keep it up! :smiley:

wow…great start Roger. The top lip could do with a bit more definition I think.

Thanks [Kothe] and code_astro, I agree with the toplip and tried to fix it.
Here is an update:
As usual, C&C most welcome. (Don’t mension the crappy skin, it’s just that it is better visible this way :D)

I like this face. I could see the character from the start. I look foward to the finished head.

that looks great keep it up

You could grab the mouth a few points up, other than that, it’s excellent.

Thanks, I’l keep you up-to-date :D.

Thanks, I will.

Thanks. I dunno if I understand you fully but I think I kind of did what you said.
Here’s a update, added ears and irisses and fixed lots of bugs.

It’s real nice! But it looks like he is turning the head upwards a little bit. I might be wrong. Nice texture!

Keep it up!

Didn’t changed anything so far except for an expression test.
Here it is.
C&C most welcome.

could you post a 90 degree side view? the model is coming along great!
From this perspective the jaw-line (and hence, the ears) looks like it’s too far back on the head. I can’t really tell from this angle though…
Good work. :slight_smile:

Good point, don’t know if I did it wrong. Here’s a 90° render.
Standard perspective:

I think the ears are a little too far to the back of the head. Bring them forward a bit and it will look perfect :slight_smile:

by the way, I love the angry expression on the expression test!! how did you do it? did you use hooks?

I would love to see a short animation of him changing expressions :smiley:

great work mate…seriously.

That looks pretty well now. Great model.

Thanks code_astro, I’l bring the ears foword a bit. I did the angree expression just by changing the mesh: lowering the eyebrows, changing the mouth, etc etc. Is there a good tutorial about how to animate a face? I’d love to do so.

Thank you Yetzero.

Tested with animating. I’m gonna leave it with this. First I’m gonna finish the model and texturing, beside, as you can see in the animation below: I SUCK in animating. Never did it, problebly do it after some study.
Face test. (1mb)
Don’t critisize the animation, I’t noting.

umm…not sure about a tutorial…but I tried to do some facial expressions with my goblin/elf model. I just attached hooks to the points I wanted to be able to move…it worked quite well. Have a play and see what happens :slight_smile: thats all I did :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’l try that. (now to learn about these “hooks” :stuck_out_tongue: no, I understand them I think :))

Depending on if you are going for realistic head or stylized… there are just a few things I noticed if you want to make him more realistic.
The eyebrow ridge should be half way between the top of the head on the chin, I would just bring the top of the head up a bit. The ears should be closer to half way between the back of the head on the front(already been mentioned). The ears should be a bit bigger, the top of them should line up with the eyebrow ridge, and the bottom with the bottom of the nose. Mostly just guidelines, but it might help.
For facial animation I personally like vertex keys, feel like it gives you more control. Here is good place to start for vertex key animation:
Looks great for a first try though!