Face problem (No, not a pimple)

Hello everybody,

I’ve been learning Blender with the help from great tutorials.

At the moment I’m modeling the wolf but for some reason I can’t make any side face (surface) for it. Pls see the pic behind the link.

Maybe the outer line is not continuous and has some chinks or smthng like that… ?
How can I check out if the line is broken or make sure it is unbroken (without megazooming) ?
How can I join vertices (without moving them very near eachother and “removing doubles”) ?

Please answer all of these questions also in case it’s not the problem for wolf. Thank you!


The outline is continuous, you can check it with ALT+RMB. This selects an edge loop.
you can join verts with ALT+M, merge them how you wish.
I you’ve got verts that are inside the mesh by mistake it’s called non-manifold.
you can go into the select menu, press
Non Triangle or Quads/ or Non Manifold.
Also another problem you might run into when modeling this way is messed up normals, so when the time comes and you press set smooth, and see black streaks in your model don’t panic.
Select All, then CTRL+N will fix it.

Also I don’t think that that is the best way to model a wolf.
I didn’t get very nice results. but maybe I’m just not a box modeler.
But keep playing with it I guess.
You can check out the wolf in my sig to see how I’ve gone about it.

Hi there,
I completely agrre with Cire, this is not the best way of modelling a wolf nor anything else. When box modelling, you begin with a cube, extruding it, them subdividing, modelling, subdividing till it looks like a wolf. The other method is poly-by-poly or loop-by-loop, where you begin with a plane and you make other faces till it looks like a wolf. If I were you I’d check CGcookie.com, there are really excellent tutorials on modelling, I recomment the head modelling series. A wolf is no less complex than a face nad watching the tut is gonna give you the general idea about poly modelling. I don’t use box modelling, but i think I’ve seen a good tut somewhere, also on a human head. Keep trying and it’ll sure go well!
Good luck

Ok, thank you mates.