face problems

ok ive been working on this face for a little while and ive knowticed where the blue shaded part is broken by the solid gray parts the mesh looks odd. any one know what i should do.


thats simply the fact that you have ‘draw faces’ on in the edit buttons, the shaded faces are without sub-surf, the ‘cage’ that is. So the mesh is sub-surfed and smoothes around the cage and into it. You can turn on optimal drawtype and the lines will stick to the sub-surf, or if you prefer cage modelling simply gho into edit buttons with the face selected and click off the ‘draw faces’ button, this will help you see a bit clearer.

Good luck with the modelling!


In other words, because your mesh faces are straight and your model’s “skin” is rounded, the mesh sort of disappears into the skin. Conversely, on the tip of the nose, the mesh sticks out straight - away from the underlying “skin” surface. It’s not a problem at all although sometimes it can be difficult to select a vertex that’s buried inside the model surface.

awsome thanks, this is what ive got so far… dont laugh im new. Is there a good tutorial for making a skin texture that any one knows of ??

oh and the terminator thing was just for fun