Face Project

Hi all.

Just started working on a face/head and was looking for some C&C. thanks.


Well, it’s a good start, but it needs some work.
First, the brow. The brow part of the head needs to be more pronounced, as it seems nonexistant here.
Also there’s that ugly seem above the lip. You may have to merge those vertices manually if RemDoubles didn’t catch them. The lips are kind of flat and squished. a very unpleasant facial expression. Would it be possible to get some side shots to see better what’s going on?
The cheeks also need more definition.
I like the eyes!
keep it up!

Alright, gave him a smile kind of, and worked on the eye sockets a lot.


Front View



Side View


If anyone knows how to make hair, let me know.

I like the cartoony look, but on the side view he looks a little flat, like there’s little underlying structure to the side of his face.