Face rendering problem

Hello guys,

I have a little problem with a face inside my mesh. Here’s the problem:

As you can see there’s something making the face bad looking, but I can’t figure out what it is.

In Blender, I use the mesh analysis in Edit mode to try to spot what’s wrong but I don’t really understand:

Here are two Blender screens:

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

select everything, and recalulate normals
select everything, and remove doubles
delete one face where the problem is occuring, and see if there is something under it.

if nothing works, post the blendfile here.

Nothing works :confused:

Here is the .blend file: http://tr4x.rm1.free.fr/.ftp/table.blend
And the texture used for the mesh: http://tr4x.rm1.free.fr/.ftp/table.png


It’s texture related.

then why would he post it under modelling?

I sent a private message to finalbarrage with my .blend file because I m not able to post links here