Face rig solution


following my presentation about Advanced Character Rigging during Blender Conference 2009 I thought of another complex facial rigging solution. (Nathan Vegdahl had important comment to my example I showed in Amsterdam that Blender 2.5 in case of keying set of more objects will use different actions for them.)

So here is the new concept of the complex facial rig

  • combines lattice modifiers, shapekeys and direct deforming bones
  • the bones “stay on the surface” when moved by more general ones
  • all is one armature
  • only one mesh is needed


The idea is to constrained hooks of bones shapes object vertices. This enables the rig to visually/virtually move the controlling bones.

(I have used Sintel head :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your research and generosity sir.

I´ve just use a lot of this concepts on a rig of an anthropomorphic animation. That´s just the kind of stuff I was trying to understand!

I´ll study this soon and I hope to post it at the moment. Really thanks JiriH!