Face + Rigging + Download

Hey everybody.
Here you can see a new Model I’ve created some time Ago. Originally it was sculpted. Later I created a new Mesh, and added the facerigging. It is far away from perfect, but I hope you will like it. Also I want to publish the .blend File. You can use it, and learn from it. Create your own ShapeKeys if you would like to, or just create some nice Animations. You can use it for learning, but not for commercial works.
Here is a youtube link where you can see, what is possible with that model! I hope you will like it!
The head has about 1000 Faces. Details are baked down into a normalmap. Most of the deformations are done with Shapes. A few with weightpainting.
It also runs in the Game Engine.

So take a look at my blog. You can find the Blendfile there!!

greetings Andreas

Nice rig! Looks good and deforms well.

But shouldn’t this be posted in Finished projects, if you are finished with it?

The video is looking great, i will check out the blend file too. Thanks for sharing! Awesome!

WOW! Thanks for the cool rig! Very expressive and relatively simple to use! I will play with it for a while (and probably dissect it;-))

This may sound as an unnecessary bump of the topic, but it really annoys me that people make endless discussions about which hotkey works in an (still alpha) version of Blender 2.5 and just look over masterpieces like this one.

Hey, everyone! this is something to look at!

p.s. I just LOVE the rig and the model. It really shows the power of driven blendshapes and normal maps in Blender!

this is serious

great stuff, nicely done!

I’ve downloaded it too. Will trial it later. Thanks!

Yeah, really well done. Simple, too( and not in a bad way ).

Nice example ndee!

I hope you don’t mind me adding it here :smiley:


Hey guys. Just came back. I was one week away and had no internet! On Tuesday I will be afk for 2 weeks again :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for your Comments!! I will try to make a nice Texture for that Charakter, and a nice Realtime Shading! So there will some cool new stuff in the Future :slight_smile: