face rigging......help me !!!!!!!!

hi !

i want to learn the <b>face rig system</b>, but i <b>dont found</b> any <b>tutorial</b> for <b>face rigging</b>. 


Following the basic face structure with different groups of stretchy bones works fine for me. Take a look at my rig. Don´t know of any face rigging tutorial for Blender, but search for face Rigging in other 3D software, like Maya or Max, and you´ll surely find some interesting stuff.


The Rig is called BlenRig.

Facial Rig using armatures is obsolete. Use shape keys.

The classic tutorial, book length, is Stop Staring by Jason Osipa. 300 pages of how to model, rig and animate faces. He works in Maya, but it’s close enough to Blender that every Maya tool he uses has a Blender counterpart.

Calvin’s Simple Page has a downloadable character with a complete facial rig to study or use, and some tutorials on IPO Drivers and shape keys, which you’ll need to know about to build your own rigs.

Semicloud is being a bit dogmatic. There are uses for both bones and shape keys in rigging a face. The lower jaw immediately comes to mind, which is simple to rig as a bone (since it actually is a bone.)

nevertheless, using bone for facial rig giving you more control and flexibility …and complexity at the same time

they both have their cons and pros, shape keys can be easier to setup and control than bones, but when you for instance use shapekeys you can’t use multires on it later. Suppose you want to start with a relatively simple character and want to detail him later on, you can’t use shapekeys afaik.

an advantage to shapekeys is that there is a script around, blenderlipsyncro, which automates lipsync once you set up the correct shapes for each pronounciation first.

Naw, just another way of doing it. But, just a tip, what if you use key driven facial animations and your animator deletes all the keys to start his animation over from scratch because he’s not happy with it?

There go your shape keys.

This dude’s pretty annoying but he has a blender face rigging tutorial in 14 different parts.

I got up to the part where you weight paint the eyelids but am having issues with the weights between the head bone and the eyelid bones conflicting.

Found this on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=blender+face+rigging&search_type=&aq=f

That’s great, I was looking for something like that for my Alien Rig. But it’s not exactly what I am looking for… I am looking for something dealing in a rig that looks more like this…


To really learn to rig a face you must first learn how to rig. Then you must learn how the face moves and what types of expressions/controls you want. A tutorial is not really needed once you understand A) rigging and B) how the facial muscles move. Good luck!

My Friend you are so right. However, your comment did not help me. :wink:

Now, is there a way for me to change the color of a bone?

Yeah just add it to a bone group, and assign that bone group colours.

I strongly advise some shape keys for the muzzle, driven by those bones. Unless you really like weight painting.

Assign it to the active bone group by pressing CTRL+G

Where can I find that script? A simple Googling did not do the trick… (the result of the search is actually quite funny). :eyebrowlift2:

Plus, is it possible to mix shape keys and armatures for a mouth+cheeks rig? How one would proceed on doing so?

I find the use of just shape keys too limiting since I am aiming for a huge amount of cartoonish expressions. Ok, I could always create new shape keys during the animation process, but if I had bones for that it would make the proces of pose creation easier, thus making shape keys look… well… useless.

BUT! On the other hand, shape keys could indeed facilitate the lip syncing process…

You’ll find blenderLipSynchro in Scripts>Animation, it comes with Blender.

As to facial rigging, using disconnected bones with constraints, can sometimes be useful.