Face sculpting tips?

Hello~ I’ve been working in blender for about 2 weeks now, making basic things like cups and alarm clocks from tutorials on YouTube.

I’m a bit familiar with the tools now, so I decided to start modeling a head. I got a basic shape and I like how it looks but the face is a bit difficult to do. I’ve been trying to make lips from a tutorial I saw but mine looks nothing like theirs.

Are there any tools anyone could recommend to use for face sculpting? Or methods? Sorry if my questions aren’t making any sense but basically I just want tips for shaping the face. Thank you in advance~

there is multiresolution modifier for sculpt mode . and i sculpt mode you can use some panel such as symmetry for symmetrical objects . and …

Hey there!

Exactly what is the problem you have when sculpting the lips? Does it feel like you run out of “clay”? Or is it the general form of it?

Lips and ears tend to be the most difficult things to model and sculpt on the human head, in my humble opinion, I can’t do it for sure, mostly because I tend to have too of short a attention span to keep going on one single thing for longer than 2 hours…

When it comes to getting the general shape of it, all there is to it is to look at reference photos and trying it over and over and over and over, on the same model, until it fits… It’s basically like throwing goo at a wall, just keep throwing until one shape sticks, save a lot, make a lot of sub-saves when you feel that you are going in the right direction, in order to not screw it up and having to start all over again! (I does it a lot, screwing up that is) :slight_smile:

Hey, Thanks guys for replying~

Well, the general form mostly. http://youtu.be/hZ2ob8F3sJQ?t=4m59s I’ve been using this tutorial to help me mold a head and face. I try to follow his every move but I can never get it right. When he moves something I try to move the same thing but mine comes out deformed. I think it’s because my cage(is that what the net thing is called?). The vertices sometimes disappear into the model.

I don’t know, I’m just so confused. I will go by your suggestion though and use a reference photo. I just don’t know what method to use.