Face snap to face

hi everyone
I’m trying to do the donut and coffee tut in 2.8 such a change
I can’t get the extruded face to snap to face :confused:

can anyone help

thx heaps

Dont try to snap with the selection itself, snapping is done where the cursor is, so move your cursor to the destination.

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when i click E for exture with my onscreen keyboard

Place your CURSOR where you want to snap, not the selection. It will go to the CURSOR if there is something to snap to.

I have to use an onscreen keyboard can you try do it with an onscreen keyboard I can’t seem to do it

For me it works on Win7 with ScreenKeyboard.
In the video i can see you use is wrong.
Move your mouse cursor (the cursor which is yellow circled) to the place where you want to snap, not the selection itself.

It is hard to see due to video quality, you have subsurf modifier on, you cant snap to virtual geometry. Apply the subsurf modifier for that.