Face Texture - "How To" info needed

Hi All.
So far, I have been just making my models, unwrapping them more or less to taste rather than to a standard, and using Mesh Room hackery to get a set of pictures projected onto the UV.
This works, arguably.

I’m looking for a solution going the other way around.
Shoot the photo set,
generate a flat face like image. that’s similar to those found here

I’m sure that today with all the AI powered super-bs that’s out there there’s a piece of software I don’t know about that my Google Fu has failed to spot…
Any suggestions?
(let’s not be smart saying to just do it in Photoshop. If I wanted to put 4 hours of manual labor into it I wouldn’t have made a topic asking for better ways :P)

Bonus points:
A UV unwrap tutorial for full body without seams?
(the idea being that if I develop an initial skin in 8k without seams (apart form the head area), I can then bake it down to models with seams wherever I need them without having to go crazy and work paint around the seams manually.)