Face Textures Alpha stopped working in 2.66?


I had a 2.65 file with a lot of meshes, every mesh had associated a png image with alpha channel, so if I checked on “Face Textures” and “Face Textures Alpha”, “shadeless” “use alpha” in image preferences, I could render and the system recognized the alpha channel.

When I opened the file in 2.66, the alpha in this configuration stopped working, I can make it work using material nodes or texture channels, but that would require separate materials for every mesh, right now with “Face Textures” and “Face Textures Alpha” I used only one shared material among all the meshes, every mesh with a different image associated from within the UV editor.

Is there any way to make it work again?

Is it going to be fixed in 2.66a?


I’m not sure I understand what your saying about “Face Textures Alpha” … but I know for sure that one node material can most certainly be shared across many objects in cycles… just like in BI…

Sure it can, but if I share the material across all objects, they’re going to have the same texture, I can’t (or i don’t know how) access the texture I assign directly to the mesh via the UV/Image Editor from the nodes, that’s why this worked before, because I assigned different image to every mesh and shared the same material, but now I’d have to have different material in order to have different images in each mesh.

You can use the same “material” (such as plastic) with different textures. Just use node groups for the same “effect” you are trying to achieve.

Blue: This object’s/material’s specific texture.

Red: How many times this group is used.

Tip: You don’t want single-user groups. This way if you change anything within the group, it applies to all the objects/materials.