Face texturing in Photoshop

Currently I’m having a go at texturing one of my more human-like models, and I’m wondering what advice more experienced texturers have, or if there are any tutorials on what steps to take (for example where to put highlights and where to darken).

Here’s a sample image of what I’ve got so far


you have the basic highlight areas down pretty well, there should probably be another on the chin, and above the upper lip. they should be blurred a lot more tho, to be more of a gradual transition between the highlight and non-highlight areas. the main face color should be more multi-hued; throw in some blush on the cheeks and the tip of the nose. the area around the eyes should be dark, but i don’t think purple is a good choice, unless you’re going for a makeup look.

I might add that you could paint on separate layers to add blemishes and pore marks - also, maybe make a copy of the layer in grey scale in a separate file for use as a bump map for adding normal bumps/pimples. You should also use some reddish tones around the ears to simulate sss if youare not using sss as a material calculation. Remember that you can add age to the character by painting a map just for the cracks and valleys :slight_smile:

Good work so far!

Thanks, your advice has helped. If you want, I can post updates ether here or in the critique forum.

sure, let’s see what you’ve got

Okay, here’s an updated version, I left the wireframe on so you could see which part of the face mesh would be affected.


here is one i found a while ago…hope it helps


Thank you, the tutorial is a big help.

Right so this is what I’ve got so far:

Again, thanks for the tutorial. Are there any others that cover other parts of the body?


The best advice I can give you is practice, pratice, practice. And practice. Use your perception, study images/videos of skin and bodyparts. Excercise drawing, eventually reading Betty Edwards “Drawing on the right side of the brain”.

There’s no tutorial to make people brilliant in drawing/texturing, only techniques can be learned through tutorials.

Two basic things that help skin look more real (besides practice)

Clouds and noise.

Make VERY subtle and small clouds of light pink and tan. I do this a few times and mess with the layer blending options (screen and overlay are good ones to mess with). Then I put some noise on a few of the layers and fade it to almost nothing. Also, sometimes adding in odd color variants that you wouldn’t think would be there help (like blues and greens). Skin is a beast to master, my skin always turns out odd but good enough for games hehe.

I intend to keep practicing, although I just wish I knew the techniques to use.