face texturing

i’ve been playing arround for a while and trying to make a realistic face in blender but i cannot achieve realism so far …
i have problems in makin eye brows and lashes and hair … can anyone help me here ?

here’s a face i’ve been working on

and tried some postp not high quality just to see how it would look like.

replys plz

I must say I really like the shape of her cheek-bone!
I don’t know how familiar with Blender you are, but I have seen some very convincing results for hair using the new particle system. I am not at a point in my own project to learn that yet, so I’m afraid the only real help I can give you in that regard is to let you know it exists! :-?
Another idea to help you in modelling something like a human face is to do a google search on faces (female faces, in this case) and compare your model to what you find. Not comparing hsape or even proportion so much as looking at the qualities and characteristic that make up the female face. I think you’ve very nearly got it, model-wise, though it looks like some tweaking of the forehead and chin could be used. No real help on the hair here though, sorry.

I just noticed that the subject is “face texturing” :smiley:
Here is a good link for a skin texture tutorial:
It’s not written for Blender, but you should be able to translate for usage in Blender. The general concepts of what he is doing is really what is key here…

another link
nice looking head.