face topology

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I’ve been using blender for a few years now, and have often visited elysiun (or blenderartists as the case may be) for help and just to see all the cool stuff people manage to do.

But now on to business. I’ve been trying to model a human head, this is my first attempt at this particular subject and I think I’ve done pretty well using the topology from TorQ’s tutorial. However, I thought I would post it here and see what everyone here has to think before moving on.

With that said, pics:

really good!! can you link a tutorial for us?

only crits would be on the ear…the flabby bottom part is to thin…but other then that great job

Oh right, forgot to mention that the ear isn’t mine, it’s just a stand-in until I can make one myself.

The tutorial I found here in the first place. It’s a few years old I think, but if you search I think it’ll turn up.

you have a bit of an ugly jawline, which could cause trouble when animating and rotating the head and neck, but then again, that’s tricky to get right.
The skull itself, the proportions are off for a real skull, it’s a number of little things, but when you combine them they count up.
Try and search for pictures of skulls and readjust your face to match those proportions, it will improve the model.

I really want to move the tip of that chin back on the y axis a bit. And I would suggest adjusting the size of the skull in proportion to the face. It kinda looks like an x-files alien now :p. Although I also did TorQ’s tutorial and, using his reference image, I got a much similar result. Overall well done and keep blending!

Update: I adjusted some things using reference pics of a woman’s head. It’s still not perfect, but I think it’s vastly improved if I do say so myself.

The ear is my own work now rather than copied and pasted from someone else’s model.
Any tips on how to improve the topology of the jawline (or whether that would be worth worrying about) are greatly appreciated.

Looks good and very improved from the first version.

But here’s something I’ve never quite understood: how do you guys get those smooth flowing wire-frames? Mine are always rigid, flat lines rather than the curves seen here…

To improve the jawline you’ll need a loop that follow the jawline. Right now, your edge loops in that area are crossing the jaw and going under the head and back up the other side.

@namekuseijin: he’s probably got a subsurf modifier, level 1 or 2 on the mesh to get it smooth and flowing rather than straight lines.

It looks good, but I’m sort of concerned about how many 5-sided poles you have… I know that some are unavoidable and some won’t really matter for animation, but with a quick glance at this I count about 14 of them which may give you problems later on.

@namekuseijin: He’s using a subsurf modifier with the “Apply modifier to editing cage during Editmode” button turned on (it’s the one just to the left of the up and down arrows in the subsurf modifier and will look like a tri when turned on)

Oh, many thanks superx10! So far I’ve release horrible wireframes to the viewing community. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender is kinda like emacs: you can use it for 10 years and still learn new functionality! :smiley:

With Blender, you can step away from your desk for a cup of coffee these days, and the developers add new functionality while you were away! :wink:

I’m just not sure of how best to add a jaw loop without messing up the loops I already have. Or if it’s even worth the trouble, for that matter.