Face WIP

heres a face i made using ONE of TorQ’s pics from is “better face tutorial” seeing the tutorial don exist anymore.

How exactly do i make the rest?
How do i user YafRay?

Uhh i think you posted in the wrong forum man.
And the blueprints actually exist, if you go to the better face tutorial thread and go to one of the last pages, theres a post with an alternate link. :]
Anywhoo, for a yafray tutorial i would do a google search. I wouldn’t know, i’ve never been interested in yafray.

hmm…ok, ill juz wait for the post to be moved…

but the point it…the thread don exist no more…

k, ill use google :frowning:

I looked the site was down.
I’ll contact the owner and get them to you when i can.
In the meanwhile do some other stuff.

k, thanks. ill go make a simpla animation =)

good face. wrong forum lolz.

btw, once you get into texturing it you might want to turn the spec down or off to get rid o that glow seeing as skin dont do dat xD

BTW that area above the lip needs to be brought in like a ditch… you know what i mean … feel the area above your lip…

hey, photgen.
i know that the lip, nose and eyes need work, but i tried TorQ’s tutorial, its a dead link so i had to find it on google in which i found one image that has referance to that…

does someone have an alternate link to TorQ’s “a better face tutorial”?