Face with no edge? Vertex wont connect?

In the picture below I’m simply tring to connect those to vertices. 2 things.

  1. the highlighted face (quad) only has 3 edges, I’ve never seen this before and I’ve been using blender for 8+ years

  2. the 2 vertices that are on the side with no edge wont connect when pressing shortcut “F” I even remade that section of the model, I deleted the surrounding faces and built it again and ran into the same problem.

Whats going on?

EDIT: Minutes after making this thread, while clicking on the face with no edge, the missing edge decided to appear, strange stuff indeed.


Why are you keeping the .blend file secret from us ? Please ALWAYS supply a demo .blend file for review

Sorry I was just about to do so, but now it seems that it has just fixed itself, very strange after 20minutes of not showing up. If it happens again I will quickly save it and upload it

Here it is http://www.pasteall.org/blend/42218

You have hided this part of mesh accidentally. Unhide it in editmode.

correct, but it is still strange. by hiding that edge, it should not be posible to select the face, witch he did.