Im trying to do an old man, not a realistic one. You will see that there is an UV problem at the back…(im correcting that…also doing a new color and bump map)

maybe you can help me with the face…anf the hair of the barbe…



I really like this cris. The first thing that stood out to me was the skin shader. It’s great, but it’s a bit too specular in my opinion. That being said, I was also going to point out that since this is a stylized piece, you may want to give a little more information on the style that you’re going for. It’s totally possible the high spec is intended and I just didn’t know.


Looks really nice; though I agree that the skin is a little too specular. Also, the ears seem to be a little too flat to the sides of his head; they should stick out more.

thanks for the replies.

i have changed the light configuration now. i think the head is finish, but you tell me what do you think.


i worked on his face, and rigged the body.


Wow, that face is looking fantastic now!!!

Those legs are much too short though, but I absolutely love the facial hair!

Good work! Are you going to use him in a movie or something?

in thevideo linked in first post i could see something weird with the back of the head, the skin looked weird, tho im not sure if it might have game from the spec. problem

i already fixed that problem