Since I will be busy with school the coming months, I haven’t got time to try a lot of time consuming stuff. That’s why I will model mainly faces, they take only one or two hours.
You could call this doodling, but it isn’t really “aimless” drawing…
Please comment. I really appreciate it.

To start of, two faces:


Removed old picture: updated with new


I like them… they convey a somber feeling with an underlying potential for humor. I think they could be very expressive, too, because of the relatively plain texutring versus the subtle shadows.

Removed the image, sorry!

So how long did it take for each of those?

I haven’t done much modelling, can you describe your techniques?

Any plans to animate them ?


The green one took about two hours. The orange one also, maybe a bit more because the nose was playing up, it still looks like… like…
Well, just judge for yourself
And I actually have no idea on how to describe my techniques, they aren’t so special. I would advice to follow this* tutorial though. It really helped me…

  • Scroll all the way down and click on the image.

I removed all the faces, but the first, I wasn’t happy with them, they were all to similar, while I would like to learn from this. I also added a new one, though this one also looks pretty much the same, they way I created is was very different…
The new one is in the first post.
I think I’ll make another one, tomorrow… Or maybe not…

The nose looks horrible.

A new one. Rather different…