I’m working on a face (my first one) I’m using the ref picture from the portrait tutorial. I didn’t really like that tut (sorry!) because it didn’t work for me :stuck_out_tongue: But well this is what I came to when making edge loops. I can’t find the settings for the wireframes everyone uses to show their works so if u want me to post a wireframe u must tell me the settings!
I think it looks not bad but it there are some faults. Here’s a render with a quick texture!

Its a good first try. I would say to stick out the portrait tute, it will help.
As far as you model, here are the biggest problems that are deforming your face at the moment:
The strange crease/bump around the eyes, that continues and crosses the nose.
The strange saggy part on the bottom of the chin
The bumps on the lower cheek area
the lip crease comes to a point where it meets the lip, it should stay open
and texture wise, the specularity is a bit too high.

that should help you get started. With work, you can probably save this model, or improve it greatly. Good Luck man, And good work

decided to start over since it got a bit messed up. Now trying to do it like the tutorial but then on my own way :stuck_out_tongue:

looking good so far,

any hints on the nose? the mouth will come later :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s also a wireframed screenshot so it’ll be easier to help me, since i’m probably make useless edge loops


The loops around the temple that lead to the nose are causing ugly depressions around the cheek. Generally, don’t crowd too many loops on the mesh unless you need to model details.

yes but i needed those loops for the nose, when i’m back i’ll make some more space between the loops so i don’t need to make much new ones :slight_smile: thanks for the advice
update here’s a new wire and a render, i fixed the nose and removedsome unnessecairy edgeloops. but the mouth still needs alot a work :stuck_out_tongue: Starts getting some realism
made a fast material to make it better to see where my faults are, but got problems with the lips!


really need help with the lips, please!

Again, there are too many loops for the lips. Also, you have a loop between the nose and upper lip in the middle that forms a triangle. I recommend you have a look at this thread to see how you can minimize the loops while maintaining proper shape/topology.

[EDIT] Also, please post a reference image that you are using. If you’re not using one and you are new to modelling, you might have a difficult time with the mesh.

I did follow that tutorial but that didn’t help me making this one since that one is only tracing that picture. My ref picture is http://wiki.cgsociety.org/index.php/Image:Ref.jpg

You have good reference pictures to start. You should be able to trace your edge loops on those references in a similar way? What exactly are you having trouble with.

creating nice lips :stuck_out_tongue: