Facebook 360

I’m sure this information is available somewhere on the web, but I’m having trouble finding it.

Do you know of any resources that would help in the workflow of creating 360 photos and videos inside Facebook, with Blender?

Right now, I’m working on a test shot to convert to a 360 photo in Facebook. This is not a pretty render, just a test.

From what I’ve seen online, you upload your photo like you would any other, and some compass icon should appear in full screen to toggle over to a 360 view.

Any one have a workflow for this, or an alternative place where you can upload and share custom 360 photos and videos?



In Blender just make a scene and render it with camera > panoramic > equirectangular ( dimension ratio 2:1 I suppose ).

Here the format for video and if you scroll down specs for 360 photo’s :

Other info:

Mhh, I see lots of links in Google when typing facebook 360.