facebook cover image design

Here is where I am at on this project - I am supposed to keep it under wraps, but only from the local community where I am. This is a for a friend that makes queso every year around the holidays by preorder, and it is pretty popular in the small community.

Rendering with Cycles, really poor rigs on the characters except the onion, that I had to manually adjust a few times now. I might be about done with this, but I’m opening it up for criticism in case I might learn something this time around
[http://www.4shared.com/photo/odzubZ2a/layoutsetup16.html" target="_blank">http://dc268.4shared.com/img/odzubZ2a/layoutsetup16.png</a>"]http://http://dc268.4shared.com/img/odzubZ2a/layoutsetup16.png

[URL=“http://&lt;a href=“http://www.4shared.com/photo/goa6nE_Z/layoutsetup17.html” target=”_blank"&gt;![http://dc381.4shared.com/img/goa6nE_Z/0.031992927425285145/layoutsetup17.png](http://dc381.4shared.com/img/goa6nE_Z/0.031992927425285145/layoutsetup17.png)</a>"]http://](http://<a href="[url)[![http://dc381.4shared.com/img/goa6nE_Z/0.031992927425285145/layoutsetup17.png](http://dc381.4shared.com/img/goa6nE_Z/0.031992927425285145/layoutsetup17.png)](http://www.4shared.com/photo/goa6nE_Z/layoutsetup17.html)

Looks really cool. Only thing I might add would be that the characters don’t look like they’re looking at each other - almost as if they (the group of 4) have been tilted so we see more of them, and are looking past the green one.
Still, it’s better than my Facebook cover :wink:

Thanks for the catching that, I’ll update after I get it rendered again - next it will have the jalapeno forward to camera so that he should be in the focus for the other characters. He started out that way, but I changed so many things that I missed it. Thanks

I am thinking the vegi-tales people might get mad about your models.

Veggie Tales don’t have arms or hands, and they don’t float in the air. And since the original creators went bankrupt, the property is less likely to go after all the vegetable animations that do exist in advertising. But thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

Nice graphics but if you want to use this as a Facebook cover you should consider integrating the profile image too. Here is an article to help you with the cropping stuff: Facebook cover dimensions

I think it will look a million times cooler that way :slight_smile:

Thanks, I had figured the profile image would be a separate view of Japo and his eyebrows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I still have to make that shot happen

Here are two more updates for this month, Superbowl is almost here and the next one was actually from a drawing I made that was going to look like Cannibal Cookoff scenario, but I went a different route with the Veggie-cution


Wow, looks good. I like the first the best. I do not know about that poor onion.

The Veggie-cution is actually wip right now, I am waiting on the details my friend wants changed before I get too far along :slight_smile: