Facebook joins the Blender Development Fund

Most people would agree to that, but I think facebook is so big and there are people working there that might be using, even love, blender. The ‘evil’ ones in Facebook don’t even care about Blender or it’s small user base. They care more about those ‘regular’ they can actually use.

If I got hired somewhere where they need an 3D application I would recommend Blender. Maybe it was just that. Some people recommended Blender because they are users themselves.


The same could be said about ISIS. I am sure there are a some people who love Blender who just happen to also be terrorists. So would you want the Blender Fund to accept money from ISIS and show an ISIS banner on the fund web site? BTW, they get more than just publicity on the Blender web site. They also get “personal attention from the Blender team for strategic discussions and feedback on the roadmap”.

To me, the size of a company doesn’t matter at all and in this context the individuals within the company aren’t relevant. The key point in my opinion should rather be that by accepting a sponsorship, it is an approval for the company and what the company is doing. That’s what the Blender community sees and that’s what other people are seeing. That’s one of the important aspects of a sponsorship.
By accepting a sponsorship, the company as a whole is being approved. So far, I didn’t have mixed feelings with any other sponsor. I am still unsure what to think of this one though.

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…Facebook hosts groups linked to ISIS… but it bans entire groups supporting President Trump.

Just tossing it in there, since you have touched base on that subject.

Can you explain why that is relevant to the subject at hand?

You mentioned it

Edit: or… how dare me quoting you

You mentioned that Facebook hosts one group but deletes another group and I am not sure how to respond to that because I do not understand what this specific business practice has to do with the discussion at hand, so please elaborate.

…seems to me that you understood.

If you say so.

I might be wrong.

Facebook as most of us know take money through Ad Campaigns from all walks of life… and that happens to included groups linked to ISIS… and Facebook takes this revenue and shares some of it with Blender.
You understand why I think that this is relevant now?
And since it is about Facebook and the reputation which it has, I brought to the table my frustration over something like a FB group which supports Trump, being banned, versus leaving FB groups alone which support the beheading of people…
It doesn’t look good on Blender.

Have I cleared my case of believing in its relevance?

edit: just as a reminder, you kept bringing ISIS into this, and I had something to add to this

Ah, ok.
Well, I wasn’t discussing if FB is evil or not. Just trying to illustrate why I think that “devs need money” is a silly argument for accepting all entities as donors.

I brought ISIS up because it is an almost comically “evil” group that the vast majority of people would not want to have as a sponsor.
So, if one can understand that taking money from ISIS is bad then one can understand that some people might think that taking money from lesser “evils” is still bad.

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that’s fair

Some of the anti-Facebook rhetoric in this thread is getting to the same level of absurdity as the stuff written by Alex Jones, perhaps even more so.

So if people receive money from Facebook, they are supporting ISIS? Is this thread now about trying to outdo each other on how terrible Ton is for letting them donate, I assume someone will compare this to receiving funds from Satan himself next, as this discussion is running out of groups that can count as more extreme than the last one mentioned.

Who said that?

I’m in the same boat. Mixed feelings but I know Facebook is powerless here as the Blender GPL license protects it. Also we won’t care after a while. I feel the same way with CUDA and Optix as it was not open source like opencl but no one cared as it benefitted them with nvidia cards.

Facebook benefits Blender foundation and why should everyone that uses CUDA and Optix be hypocritical when it comes to Facebook money.

For me, it is not about possible interference or anything like that. The mixed feelings are due to the reputation which Facebook earned.

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What is FB? It is a platform were million people post stuff good and bad.
FB is not a news paper that writes their own articles.

The Trump posts were also the most visible to notice and check against policies while ISIS stuff can be harder to spot.

That’s is the inherent issue here and I think people should realize that.

FB is what it is - it can be used for good or for bad stuff.

In the end it is the user that makes the decision here by what they post and how they use FB.


Exactly! That’s the point. What FB earns is blood money & blender is taking part of that blood money. When opensource community claims moral high ground in computer science world, my ethics are finding it hard to use such a product.

@cekuhnen dude Ive been using gimp for so 13 yrs now. I’ve used it for all graphics works for my 3 short films screened at festivals and one feature films, which has gone for theatrical release. And ive used inkscape fully to design so many sets which were built here in India. Its not about car but it’s all about the driver.

@BenMu it’s not about capitalism this time man, although im left of the centre; it’s about human rights violations in parts of the world facilitated by Facebook to make money. Including lynching of minorities in India and Myanmar.

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I think the book is closed on the fact that legally, there is no threat of any kind whatever from any company or group funding Blender.

If that is in fact true, and I think it is, then the rest is about perception, and opinion.

Then the view becomes what is the value of perception or opinion against the value of reality? They both have a value. And I don’t think it is fair to people who see it as negative to say it has no value. But I think objectively speaking the negative value (perception of negative influence or positioning) does not win out over the value of the positive impact - development funds and improvement.

That is my opinion. But I also respect people who have an opinion otherwise.

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It is more than that, though. It does not only let you write and read stuff but it also promotes certain stuff and gives other people tools to promote their stuff in a very personalized and therefore powerful way.
That is the issue imo.

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