facebook pics too small..arrg

im looking at a picture of a bike on facebook …and i want that picture to be bigger…wondering if theres ANY way to do it without it being so blurry i cant even see a resemblance?

answer please…

Don’t bump threads. You can’t enlarge pictures without them getting somewhat blurry. Here is how enlarging pictures works: the computer takes the existing pixels and duplicates them as needed to scale up the image to the desired size. Nothing that can’t be seen in the original will appear because the computer can only enlarge details that can be seen to begin with.

okay…what do you mean by “bumping”?..and sorry if its something bad…(i think it is…)…oh and is there a way to get the original size of the picture that was uploaded instead??

You could try Blockposters, but as PlantPerson said, if the information isn’t there it can’t be created.

Blockposters? Ick. They openly admit in their faq that they do no interpolation whatsoever. That’s why they’re called blockposters, all their images come out really pixel-ish.

Yeah, i think you can seach it in google.:stuck_out_tongue:

Side note, Rasterbator is a pretty cool app that does the same thing, just in a different way.

Bumping is when you post to your own thread just to send it up to the top of the page again. It’s better just to wait patiently.

oh…well i didnt mean to bring it too the top…just wanted an answer…sorry…again…and thanks for the answer :smiley:

I think I heard some time ago that the scientists are creating a monitor that doesn’t use pixels??? :eek: Now that would be cool…I think it had to do with light…hmm…

There is a plugin for Photoshop that works very well at doing that … it is called Genuine Fractals…

It does cost money though…

screen without pixels… now thats technology! :smiley:

why don’t you ask the person who posted the original image to send you a hi res version?

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Reverse image search? Maybe that could help, but only if a bigger resolution is on a page of course and that particularly site is registered by that service which makes an index of the analyzed images and than matches your image you uploaded or its link and the pool of indexed images.

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