Facedots regression

There is one regression that is easy to fix and very annoing now:

  • you don’t see face dots in edit mode unless you deactivate “limit selection to visible” (key: Z). It’s really bad decision to hide them, because they immediately give visual feedback that you are in edit mode, which is great in 2.79.

To be honest, I never liked the facedots, I prefer the new clean look in 2.8.
Perhaps they could make facedots an overlay option for those who like it. :wink:

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It’s not a matter of “nice look” and “bad look”. For me it’s a matter of instant visual feedback of the mode I am in. It’s the matter of speed. Yes, developers can include that into option. And we definetely need presets for all these modes (with assignable keystrokes to invoke them).


Read starting from here:

There are good reasons why facedots are useful in many cases.
Supposedly developers would give the possibility to the user to enable facedots (perhaps in Overlays options?), but I have not seen that yet.

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Good for you. I never needed that, and never will. :wink:

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The current issue with the “clean design” trend that has overtaken a lot of major companies (and some FOSS organizations) is that once the ball starts rolling, the designers eventually go overboard and actually remove useful information on the idea that it is ‘clutter’.

The face dots are actually a very useful thing to have in the wire modes (to select a specific face below other faces because you know the different size means the dot is in a different spot).


I think they plan on adding facedots as overlays. With all the fragmentation I don’t know what thread I read that in, though.

I know it has it’s uses, but it’s not a big deal for me, I can’t stand the visual clutter it causes. But yeah, as an overlay option disabled by default would be ok to calm down the masses. :wink:

Can you say that one more time in case someone missed it please ?




So we really will have face dots only with limit selection to visible and there are no plans for it to be an option in Overlays?
I think that users had given many good reasons in that thread about why they prefer to have visible face dots in many cases. Maybe developers are planning to implement other solutions for those cases instead of face dots?

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I am working on a model in 2.79 that is quiet dense so I have ‘textured solid’ checked on, let me tell you I find myself pressing CTRL+TAB +3 often as some times I forget whether I am in edge select mode or face select mode so I am torn about this as I can see both sides of the argument in just this one project visual clutter versus functional communication.

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Yea, Idea of removing face dots is not well thought.

For modelling it creates more issues that it resolves.


yep i also didn’t like them, until now, where it’s hard to identify in which mode i’m currently.

You guys use face dots to decide what mode you are in? I suggest a better theme…

This doesn’t seem to be a valid argument that dots should be restored. The easy counter argument is that the user is not always entering edit mode with face selection active, I tend to use vert and edge 95% of the time.

I suggest face dots returneth

The dot size is px size, so using it to determine distance based on size of dot is not possible.

I mean if the face below another is a different size, then its dot will be in a different spot.

I have found this useful in the past as well. Definitely a valid reason to bring them back, however I imagine with all the things being done to wire that we may be able to accomplish in another way. For example using the depth buffer to draw opacity of faces, from range 100% down to something like 50-70%, less translucent = front.

That would not be final solution, but gets the idea across.

Do you have a screen shot of this better theme in action

Most themes use alternative colors when selecting in edit mode, the color pop should be an obvious indicator that the mode has changed, granted the mesh is selected.