Facedots regression

(tyrant monkey) #21

You had my hopes up for a minute, dude every theme does that. The hint to what mode you are in should happen prior to you selecting anything.

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Right, I always felt like that was enough, that and all the edges being drawn in edit mode. regardless dots are displayed if you press the z key, and they make sense there, I’m sure that the enabling a dot overlay will be possible.

(m9105826) #23

Good luck finding overlapping and zero-area faces without the dots…

(erickBlender) #24

This is one of the features i m still wondering why it was removed ???

(m9105826) #25

Face dots or pre-selection highlighting. You gotta have one or the other. Without them, there’s literally no way to know if you’re in edge- or face-select mode at a glance.

(Renzatic) #26

I’m good either way, really. Switching between element selections in Blender is so deliberate, any moment of confusion can be instantly cleared up just by click somewhere on your model. I won’t deny it’s nice to have, since visual indicators are generally a good thing (when used in moderation), but their absence doesn’t make or break Blender, either.

It isn’t as bad as it was in Modo, which had a total lack of face dots, and you cycled through your elements just by hitting the spacebar (which also dropped your tools), leading to situations where you’d hit space thinking you were gonna switch to face select, only to figure out you were already in face select to begin with, and now you have to hammer space two more times just to get back to where you were.


There is a inherent performance cost to pre-select highlight, the benefit is not really there if you are skilled in your craft, there is also the matter of incorporating the feature universally, 2d, 3d, all editors where it is appropriate, and doing so in a stable way, without this level of incorporation the devs will get the fond experience of constantly being asked to implement it more universally.

This incurs additional work on the devs that takes away from key development deadlines, and far more important tasks, and there is additional considerations to boot, such is more likely to happen as an addon, perhaps ill develop it.

(Ace Dragon) #28

Another good reason to have them. Though it might also be nice to have a ‘warning color’ that automatically highlights obvious model errors like zero-area faces and degenerate/bowtie faces.

(Zuorion) #29

Another example with helpfulness of facedots:

And you know straight away that there is something wrong.

Anyway, isn’t Pablo confirmed that facedots are comming back as overlay?

(English is not my native language) #30

Yes, it would be great to have a visual instant analysis while you model (a solution to show any of those errors at the same time)

(erickBlender) #31

Just testing the facedot feature i just found a bug.
For us ( facedots lovers) to be happy we need to activate x-ray in the shading drop down menu. After activating x-ray do some loop cuts while in face select mode, Blender will switch to edges select mode but facedots are still visible and you can do nothing with them.

(0o00o0oo) #32

Yup, Pablo confirmed it in one of the videos.

(English is not my native language) #33

We can choose to see face dots now (Overlays > Mesh Edit Mode > Center)
Face dots (called “Center” now) in 2.8 is not giving this kind of feedback yet:
I wonder if developers just have not implemented it or if they have thought of something even better.