Faces and subdivide surface modifier question.

First time poster so this will be full of layman terminology. Also I’ve attempted to add a link to imgur despite the no hyperlink rule for new posters preface I was given when joining.

When I apply the subdivide surface modifier I’m getting some weird creasing near my cup handle.

Changing back into edit mode, does this have anything to do with split singular faces separated by edges? How do I make those surfaces indipendant selectable edges?

I solved it by deleting and then re-extruding from the side to create new faces around where the handle connects to the cup so all the surfaces were selectable faces. Just feels like I might be missing something in that there could of been a faster way to split a face into two when it’s already bisected by an edge.

Hey Qloos, I think this is a surface ‘normals’ issue. Some of the faces near the handle are pointing inwards, while all the other faces are pointing outwards, so the modifier is confused. Easy fix: Select everything in edit mode with ‘A’, hold CTRL and press the N key. This is called ‘Recalculate Normals’ and will flip the faces so they all point the same way. If that doesn’t work, try removing doubles by Pressing W, then R.

If none of that works, post the blend file and I’ll check it out for you!

Thanks everyone, knowing why it wasn’t working helps a lot.