Faces and such

When ever i try to model something from a picture i usually wind up having scattered faces.

like having a bunch of vertices and triangular and rectangular faces mixed

is there a way to make the entire thing just one face?

like one polygon, instead of a bunch of connected polygons

What you just said makes absolutely no sense. At all. If you made everything one face, which you can’t, you would end up with a plane.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you? Try being more specific.

No your right i want it to be a plane how can i do that

If it was a plane how would you model anything from it? :S

A bit of a definition

A vert is a 1 dimentional element - a point

A ‘face’ is a surface occuping only one plane (ie if face on 2 dimentional) between either 3 or 4 verts.

A polygon can only be one face if its a triangle or 4 sided shape (square, rectangle, trapesium, rhombus). All other polygons are a combination of faces

The trick is to make sure the faces are formed in the correct way depending on what you want to model

I personally get other polygon shapes by creating a circle mesh by specifing the number of sides . So ‘circle - 6’ is a hexagon. (in reality a mesh circle/cylinder/tube is actually by default a 32 sided shape - is this a do-se-do-deca thingamy?)

To fill the faces in I tend to select all, extrude then emidiatley [enter] then scale - 0 and rem doubles. This creates pieshape triangles as the faces.

If you have modelled an outline on a picture its important to create the faces in the right way for the other view so they will ‘bend’ at the right points.

I personaly prefer to work with faces from the start

Take a project you aren’t happy with and post some front and side views. Right now it’s really not clear what you’re having problems with.

blckpythn: What you want is a feature called NGons which is basically a polygon with more than 4 sides. (i.e. you can have any number of verticies on a plane)

Right now, Blender has no support for NGons so you’re gonna have to wait until they add that in.

seemes like Ven0mSevenX is the only one who understood all that thnx anyway

I understood…I just told you you couldnt do that in blender. I probably shouldnt have bothered giving such a full explanation!!!