Faces & angles

if you select a face on one object is it possible to find the angle of the plane or face
so that you can transfert the angles to another face part of another object or to another object ?

Tanks & Salutations

You can turn on show edge angles which alone does not help but you could duplicate and seperate a face from each object and then join those two faces to each other into one mesh. Add a face between them so you can then see the edge angle between them.

you can select the Local - global & Normal mode

when you do that the Widget Gaget will show those angles
by selecting the normal you see the gaget take the proper normal angles

but where can i read those angles or how to transfert these angles to an object ?

The info is already there but where is it ?

You can Alt-D then P to split but then the Normals angles are not the same then the original face ?

How do you re-calculate the Normals ?
or invert the normal i cannot find it anynore ?