Faces are inverting?

this here is a curtain mesh i imported into sims 4 as a mod… for some reason, specks of light that are hitting the curtain from the other side are shining through on the inner side, and vise versa…

its almost like the faces on the outer side (the side facing the light) are for some reason showing through to the inner side (the sides away from the light); and the opposite is true too.

the mesh is 3d. its not a plane. i can only figure this is happening because the faces are very close to each other, but still, there is a distance between them.

Oh i see, so its a clipping of some sort? never would have guessed, because it doesnt flicker when i move my screen. either way, is there an easy fix for this? it mentions “z-buffer precision”, but idk how to apply this, or if it can be applied to such a thing.

Sorry, I somehow missed the reply notification. I would think that this is a question better addressed to the game engine in question. They all have limits on what they can handle.

I can only suggest maybe making the cloth a bit thicker, even if it’s not “realistic”. If I remember “Sims” is rather schematic looking game anyway.

its fine. i guess ill just have to try and thicken them, though i hope its not too awkward to do.