Faces band merge?

Hi everybody!

I want to know if there’s a way to do an operation I used a lot in LightWave called Band

Glue. Basically you select two or more line connected faces and the operator disolves the selected polyx into one, disolving points and doing this to all the faces parallel to the selection. Let me show you an example:

There’s a (paid) add-on that can do something like this:


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Maybe a bit dumb question, but you have selected 3 faces, which should take about as much time as selecting two edge loops. And then running the “band” operation should be about as fast as running a dissolve operation.

What band seems to do is to use edges connecting selected faces to select edge loops out of and then dissolve them. Why wouldn’t you just select those edge loops directly?


That’s the solution I was looking for, thanks!