Faces dissapearing from mesh

Okay, here is what I am doing:
I am using Blender 2.36 under Linux.
I am creating a 2d mesh by converting from either a bezier to a mesh or converting a plane to a mesh. In order to go from a plane to a mesh I have to click the button for adding edges and then delete the front face. This adds four faces for a simple plane. When I do this I can access the faces from the NMesh objects in the ‘faces’ variable.

The problem:
It seems after several open and close cycles of blender with objects previously converted to 2d meshes the faces have suddenly dissapeared. I can no longer access them from script. It was not just one object but a couple at least that were affected. To make sure it was not my code I created a new plane and converted to a 2d mesh and it reads the faces just fine.

What I need to know:
Why would the faces suddenly dissapear? Does Blender look for faces with only two vertexs assigned? Why would it not happen until after I had opened, and saved through several distinct sessions of Blender running? It seems to me it should have happened the first time I reloaded the file. Does 2.37 give access to the edges vs the faces?


uhh… i don’t quite understand the problem, but i can tell you, that faces in blender either have 3 or 4 vertices. When to vertices are connected it is called an “Edge”. (although you use the same hotkey when creating a face)

Well I took a look at 2.37 and it supports accessing edges from script! Good job Blender programmers! I will be modifying my code to use edges instead of faces. This will be a better fit anyway since edges are inherently 2D.