Faces in Cubes

OK, this is probably extremely easy to do, but I don’t know how to do it. This is why I am here lol. I am making this cube that I have removed the top side of so that i can drop in a smaller cube and watch the physics of it when it is rendered. However, what i want to do is be able to remove part of the left or right side to create sort of a hole or port so i can look through the big cube into the smaller one. Does anyone know how to do this? If needed i can post the .blend file if that could help any of you to figure my problem.

Select the face in wich you want the window (editmode, faces), press E (extrude) and Esc, now S (scale) and scale a bit). Now is up to you.:slight_smile:

you want to animate the side of the wall comming off?

nm i see now

I don’t think my original post was very clear. What I am trying to do is use the standard cube (Add-Meshs-Cube) and cut a small hole in one of the sides so i can look inside the cube when i render it. Maybe I should post the .blend file? Would that help any?

When you extrude and scale (inward) you will in effect create a flat wall with a hole.


how can you end up with a hole by Extruding and scaling a face ?

Extrude creates a new face no effect on the old face !


When you extrude and scale, you get a face inside of the bic cube wall. If you delete that small face you get your window.

but before that you have to remove the face then the you add a new face by extruding and scaling it inward!


ah ha! thank you thank you!