faces in old script ?

i ahve this code in a very old script

and it is refusing to work

mesh = ob.data

for face in mesh.faces: P285

#me = ob_new.data

for f in me.faces:

for v in Listed1:

note: i can create mesh the old way with verts edges and faces
but is there still a way to list these like the old way
or only using the new Bmesh system ?

any idea how to correct this ?


try replacing faces by polygons

for f in me.polygons:

to list faces like in the old way, use .tessfaces, requires calc_tessface() if not already done, e.g. by to_mesh()

note that it will give you quads and tris (like in older blender versions)

calc_tessface() !

any simple example just to show how this works
might be usefull in futur for some old scripts

did not realyl use this function before
might be usefull

i did get the polygons face to work
but a bit difficult to get the new mateiril faces tot ake and show new material as per face index
had to add some lines at the end not certain why

bme = bmesh.new()


then i saw the new mat in viewport!