Face's looking strange...

I have the problem, that the faces in Blender (2.69) are looking somhow strange, this is only appearing on this one project, I think I’ve messed up with some options. It only appears when you’re looking at the model from a closer distance in the 3D-Editor, and only if you are in Solid Mode or in Wire Mode with some Faces selected. I already tried changing some colors in the Themes-Menu, but It didn’t solved the problem. I hope that someone here has a solution how to solve this, it’s very disturbing, when I’m modelling at “Close Distance”.

Some Pics:

Remove double vertices
Remove any internal faces

So where’s the link to the blend file ? Surely you didn’t deliberately not post a link just to make it more difficult for other people to help you

I’ve seen this recommendation before, and it is a very good one, other than selecting a vert, then doing the lasso select around it to check for duplicate verts, is there a tool to inform of double verts?

Sorry for forgetting the .blend, here it comes.

I already tried to remove double vertices , there aren’t any internal faces.PC.blend (886 KB)

You don’t need to check for them. Just select all and hit W>Remove Doubles. If there are doubles, they will be removed.

It may be your hardware. This is a screenshot from my system.

I couldn’t find that banding problem however I looked at it. Post your hardware specs.

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My PC-Specs are:
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E8200 2x2.66Ghz
GPU: Nvidia 8600GT 256MB
Ram: 2GiB

I know, that isn’t a good one, but the parts for my new (and a lot better) Computer should arrive from Alternate next week, I hope that it solves the problem, although I don’t think it is because of the hardware, I had far more complicated models and they were displayed correctly.