faces made from shapes

about two years ago i had an very deep obsesion with creating these faces. i would draw for hours in a sketch book filling about 5 of them with about 4,000 face sketchs. i loved the shapes and couldnt stop. i also did about 50 16x20 acrylic paintings on canvas, about 70 water color paintings on drawing paper, and another 15 acrylic paintings on mat board, and these small watercolor paintings on watercolor paper. everynow and then i will still draw them but nothing like what my addiction used to be.

I like the first one more.
The second one is messed up by the “head” shape IMHO.
The first one reminds me of the zabrak face paintings from starwars.

Those look really great, they really have character, i like his grumpy expression. :smiley:

Cool style and choice of color. Since you did so many, could you post a few more?

hey thanks for the posts
this work is actually proably more personal then anything ive done. basically becase of the time it was made in and that it had no references if that makes any sense. i was very drawn to it.

[og]GrYpHoN- the first few designs never had a outline of a head they were all just shapes, the head outline came more later, but I still struggle with it somtimes in sometimes not, i’m interested in seeing some of these zabrak faces from starwars, never heard of them, got any good links

Hippie- thanks for the nice post, i usually dont think about expression, just make them, but they mostly come out looking sad, depressed, angry, just not very happy, proably more around the mood of when they were made. but i was obsessed with the shapes more than anything.

Eva- hey thanks for the nice post, i can post hundreds more, haha, but for now here are a few more examples.

basically what I would do is this, i would sit down somewhere comfortable then just draw these things for hours in a sketch book below is a sample page.
Then i would use a projector and project them on canvases,
but when that got too big or what ever I did these other ones on drawing paper with watercolor paint.
I was very draw to these things still not sure why, it was like a game or challange, strange stuff for sure. So now that i have toatlly scared everyone with my strange addicion, thanks for looking. :smiley:

wow great sense of form in these drawings. I’ve been using my wacom tablet alot but have been meaning to get back to using traditional media before i forget how. [!]

Ok here are some zabraks.

Some SWG zabraks

The most famous evil zabrak.

thanks for the replys

Modron- thanks for the post, you seem to have pretty good handle with that tablet, i dont think you will loose anything

[og]GrYpHoN- thanks for the post, i now realize what you were talking about, damn george lucas stole my ideas :stuck_out_tongue: , thanks

I actually think these look very Picaso! Maybe you should try to color the whole sketchbook…