Faces not showing in BGE


My friend and I are going to try to make a game using the blender game engine.

Yesterday I made a human-like body shape, but when I try to render it in the game engine, some of the faces are only visible when viewed from behind. Does anyone know how to fix this?

!UPDATE! Never mind forgot to search, found solution :slight_smile:


Select the model press F then press the button “TwoSide”


Or just recalculate the normals (Ctrl N)

yes select all faces whit a-key then press twoside and CopyDrawMode

Looks bit hipoly for ingame model.

And Twoside makes it even more high poly.

Its 480 vertices, 996 edges and 522 faces. Hopefully it will run smoothly.

Going to have many of them in one scene? :smiley: Well not my problem really. Nevermind me.

How many vertices is it possibly to run with a decent frame-rate with the blender game engine on a mid-high end computer? (Estimates are welcome :))

Its not just a matter of faces you shouldn’t use subsurf or two sided becuase you can achieve the same or better results without them.

Also when you say how many faces something has make sure you count how many triangles, not quads (you may have already i dont know). In which case your character may have over a 1000 faces without face or other details.

If you are wanting a ballpark figure id say keep it around 1000 and 1500 tris. Less is more in the gaming world.