Faces Poses and Some LOOOOOW qualitly stuff

Oh my terrible webcam…well i trried i dont have a scanner :o
but these are just a fewo f my sketches

comments? bump

I wish you had a better quality pic… oh well, from what I can see past the noise they look neat, proportions are actually working pretty well on the first one, I’d like to see more with that. I’m just starting out with character drawing myself so I can’t say much constructive other then I like… sorry.

Edit: is it just me or is nobody posting reply’s in the traditional section lately?

thank you and nah i noticed too :frowning:

Out of curiosity, have you taken any classes on drawing?

Anyways, I’ve been thinking I’m going to really try and push my skills up a bit, got a very old and cheap wacom, but a wacom none the less and have started using it, and was hopping for someone that could join me in this endeavor like a classmate would, the invitation is open if you wan’t it. You don’t have to use the computer like I am, that’s not the point, it’s more of as a another set of eyes that can point out recurring flaws and give general encouragement along the way.

Edit: shoot, looks like I missed you before you logged off, oh well.

These drawings look pretty good. Maybe I should try one of those free internet classes… :confused:

well ireally taught myself actually…took some free manga tuts so at first all mystuff was cartoony but now i hope they are moere realistic… oh sure Atemporaskil :smiley:

They look like a good start. I like Atemporalskill’s idea of an online “study group” (for lack of a better word.