faces refusing to be coloured

I’ve just finished the face mesh of a model and thought of going into making the texture. however, some faces refuse to be coloured in the ear area. What I think I did is to assign the ear area to a “to fix” group and I belive that somehow messed it up… My intention was simply to remind myself to fix certain points :smiley:

Anyone who has suggestions for me on how to fix this?



Is the head and the ear seperate objects?
if so select the both and hit, control “J” to join the two meshs into one object

Nay, they’re part of the same object.

Try selecting the ear group, and use the “assign” button in the edit buttons to assing the matirial directly to the faces you have selected

I have tried that, and been unsucessful. I’m trying to get rid of the material and only use the UV texture…

I think I explained the problem wrong in my first post: the ears become coloured, but not in the same shade. All colour applied to them is brighter. It’s as if they have the toon shader or a lightsource shining on those specific faces only.

In edit mode, select all and then use Ctrl-N to recalculate normals - that could be the culprit.

I actually do that regularly - without even thinking about it sometimes!

I solved it to my great joy. but to my dismay, I’m not sure how. I selected the vertex groups, removed the vertices from them… and then i think i removed something else: in mesh tab I removed the vertex color stated there. now I have a normal ear again :slight_smile: