Faces vanish when displaying in textured mode, ok in shaded and ok in render

Dear all,

I have a problem with a model where some of the faces are not being shown when in textured mode. All was OK until I started texturing, now however I can see through some faces in the view window. Spinning the model around and looking the other way does not exhibit this problem.

I’m guessing there is some kind of odd problem but cannot figure out what. Indeed I now cannot tab into edit mode at all. Can anyone help? I’m very new to this and have spent many hours on a model that is now behaving very strangely :frowning:

1st picture is showing the mesh in solid mode, next is in textured.

Th render works OK, however this will eventually be exported for use in a 3d game so I need to be sure the mesh is correct.

Hope someone can help.


Try to dom the next steps:
go to edit mode, and select all. press CTR N. press ENTER.

if it will help, it means your problem was that you had some faces that was facing the wrong direction.

hope it will help…:slight_smile:

I’m not sure, but single sided faces will show this way in the Multitexture mode. Could you try going to GLSL mode and seeing if the problem still exists.
Alternatively, if you don’t mind the opposite side being transparent, just flip the normal (Press W->Flip Normal.)
Hope this helps (and I’ve not got all my facts screwed up :wink: )

Like Aviad said, just go into edit mode and select all faces then press Ctrl+N then click on recalculate normals to fix it.

Dear all,

Thank you for the help, CTRL N worked on all but one of the castlations, the top front, which then went transparent. Selecting the individual vertexes/faces and using ctrn+n fixed these. Any idea why it didn’t do so with all the model selected? Also what does ctrl+n actually do? What’s a normal in any case? Sorry really green at this!

Also I have had a couple of problems where, in building the mesh, I have ended up with single vertexes, or odd triangles left hanging around. I can only find them by selecting say a corner and grabbing it to see if what I expect to move moves. Removing doubles helped, but was not 100%. Is there a way to show these? Wireframe is very hard to use and I’m sort of hoping for some kind of hint feature of better still a massive arrow flashing saying look at this bit! Well I can hope…

Thing is that with these around the UV map isn’t working quite as I expected and so I need to find them. Any ideas?

Well, your problem with the front top face was, i belive, the same problem with the verts you mentioned.

But first- the normal:
every face is 2d. it means it has only one REAL side. It doesn’t matter if you are not using texture, but if you ARE using texture- it can be only on one side of the face. This side is the NORMAL. so when you are facing the other side of the face, not the normal side, in TEXTURED draw type, you will not see the face. (try to add a plane and go to texture mode. you will be able to see the plane frome the top, this is the normal side, but not from the bottom)

And the verts problem:
Somehow, you extruded the same vertices twice. Maybe you extruded each edge by itself.
so, the verts that placed EXACTLY at the same place they will become one when you press REMOVE DOUBLES, but if they have space between them, even if it so small that you can’t see it, it wil not work. What you can do is to select the verts you want to merge, and press W -> MERGE.

In future try not to extrude the same edge twice. for example- if you want to extrude a circle- extrude all the crcle at once, don’t extrude every edge by itself.
(for me, it’s easier to use verts, no egdes, when i’m extruding or duplicating).

Good luck,