faces ^^

hey from germany and sorry for my english ^^

this model i have done some over 3-4 day. i will give the .blend-file for free when it is finished ^^
and i willpost some other heads later.



Awsome work, man.

Wow, frekin’ great! I can’t wait for the .blend files. Wires please. Oh and juging by the quality of the mesh so far your head might be a great modle to test the SSS shader thingy they have be profecting. See Renderdemon for more info, or go to www.dedalo3d.org (I think) and find it there.

Very nice, natural. Is the skull just a little too tall (ears too close)?

could you perhaps post some views from the front the behind and the side in the editmode so one can see the wires^^
and one thing more: really great ^^

hay thx for your replys! here some other views. sorry but i down know how to render a good wireframe with blender because i am working with blender some about 2 or 3 weeks ^^

i am change a bit on the ears and lips.


which program did you use before? cause this is amazing if this is your first work in 3d ^^

Awsome work sidex
are you make a body for the head?

the show must go on ^^

i found some time to add more details. now i will try to do the uv-map und then the normal map :slight_smile:

@relledome i used maya and silo :slight_smile:

@array i think yes


just awesome

Brilliant, no complaints.

did you use a picture reference?

How do you do this? My faces never look as good.

and this is the final mesh, i think. now i will do the textures.


could you perhaps post the wiremesh ?