Here are a few faces I’ve drawn, these are kind of old now though…been drawing like 2 months and these are about a month in, may be a little more








Dude, for a beginer, i am really impressed!!
what inspires you?
do you intend to speciallize in abstract drawing?

good work

i am picture no 2.

Wowsers dude - I really like the shading that gives your pictures depth. You sure have great artistic talent.

Inspiration? Most of them are just out of my head

I’ll just start drawing random shapes, or tell someone to draw a shape and I will see a face in it

but a few of them actually have more meaning

Like this one =]

And yea, abstract faces are all I have been drawing

Well thank you k bot =]


Have you also considered horror? looks like you might also be able to pull it off well. :o

Vaguely reminiscent of Picasso’s style. Though I disagree with a previous comment, there is not much depth due to shading in these drawings.

Yea these ones are really bad about having lines

Most of the ones I do now I try to have mostly just shading, I cross hatch and then blend it in

Very abstract! I like the horror fell of your faces, but I’d suggest add ing more line depth to your curves, I believe that would help them look even more abstract.