Faceted mesh ? Only once textured

Hi everyone,

For some reasons, my mesh is OK in normal solid view, but faceted as hell once texture applied.

I used Substance to make textures.

Any of you have been experiencing this before ?

Thanks !

i could be wrong but, that to me looks like a low res normal map. can you share a screenshot of how it looks in the shader editor?
disconnect the normal map and see if its better? check if the normal map is generated for openGL not directX

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Hi man, thanks for sugestion.

Well, here a screen of how it looks in Substance viewport, then Blender then in game ( X-Plane ).

The faceting is only on the spinner part, not the propeller blades.

It’s indeed set for Open GL while exporting from Substance to Blender

Ok…so you used a Subdivision Modifier as I can see the result in the solid view, by the tail…I assume you exported as an FBX? It may be that the modifier wasn’t applied on the export? though it should have been…I also see a couple of areas that look like duplicated geometry… Make sure something isn’t hidden and being exported that you don’t want to…
I can see many areas the faceting occurs in your Blender Render (TOP) also…that needs to be cleaned up or you are just going to get the same problem over and over…

Hi there,

Thanks for help.

No, no sub surf was used.

Yes I exported from Blender to Substance in FBX. No duplicated geometry, clean mesh, doubles removed, no close geometry or the like.

Looks like it’s some kind of shader issues or Direct X/Open GL ?

Cause it looks perfect in Substance before export

The " Normal Map " node " Strenght " parameter has a strong effect on this unwanted behavior, so it may be a hint.

Maybe change normal map Color Space to Linear or Non-Color to fix normal issue…