Faceted model from STL import

Hi guys, I’m new to Blender, making the leap after nearly 10 years of C4DXL.

I got something weird though.
If I import a .stl file (from VectorWorks) the surface seems faceted.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem when switching on “set smooth”.
But still I can see some irregulatities in the surface.

I also played around with the smooting angle and “auto-smooth”, but this is the best result I can get.

Anyone an idea how to fix this?


Hi Fibe

This production stuff is all new to me, so bear with me…

I’m considering having an object I’ve designed cast in metal. I found a company online that can do it by first producing a Master Pattern in resin with a rapid prototyping machine. For this they require files in STL format. So I checked Blender’s export options and was happy to find it can export STL files.

I’ve only just done a quick STL export test by exporting Blenders default startup cube. When I imported the STL file back into Blender I had a close look to see if anything had changed from the original 6 quad mesh. I found that each quad had been converted to 2 triangles and every triangle had its own set of 3 verts.

I was able to return the object to its original 6 quads by selecting all the verts and then ‘Remove Doubles’ and then ‘Convert Triangles to Quads’. But I had to do ‘Convert Triangles to Quads’ twice for it to happen.

I don’t know if this will smooth out your mesh but it might be worth a try :slight_smile: