Faceted, square looking shadows?

I imported my game model into blender to render, and i noticed when rendering, my GORGEOUS soft shadows are SUPERsharp around the ‘edges’ of the lighting. I hope that makes sense. all i can see are these VERY faceted looking, super sharp shadows on parts of the model. i have my model set to smooth faces and there are not normals that i’m aware of…i’m going to have to re-render my animation because this looks terrible. please tell me someone knows what is causing this.

i can’t sub-d this model because it’s a game model, i’m a former modo user, i’ve never seen shadows like this, i’m not really sure even where to begin.

please tell me someone knows a fix for this.


It’s a common path tracer issue (shadow terminator) occurring with strong/sharp lighting.

Solution, if subD is not an option, is to make “better” lighting - use softer shadows.
ie. use area lights; enlarge whatever light source you’re using…
or use rasterizer rendering engine (it’s what Modo is using, VRay, POVray, Blender Internal… biased engines)

otherwise more info is needed about your scene set, tho best is to simply provide an exemplary file